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I am a mixed-methods researcher, educator, and scholar-activist focused on improving the economic conditions of people of color in the United States. I write, teach, and work with organizations around racism, inequality, and social mobility. I occasionally share resources on applying to and thriving in grad school and blog about my work. 



"As an instructor, Dr. Hill pushed us to look critically at sources and develop a social scientist's eye for analyzing material, both that we disliked and material that we liked." - Student in Urban Underclass

Higher education can be a tool for liberation, community organizing, affirmation, and also indoctrination, exclusion, oppression, dispossession, and anti-Blackness. In recognizing this dual history, I work hard to create a classroom that is both committed to justice and aware of its own limitations as embedded within an oppressive system. 


In my teaching, I try to address this duality by 1) equipping students with tools to structurally analyze social problems, 2) building transferable student skills, and 3) creating a transparent and empowering learning environment.

My teaching interest include race and racism, inequality, social mobility, family, labor markets, and qualitative methods. Below are a list of courses and workshops I've led in the past. 


  • Facilitator, Anti-Racism in the Classroom & Workplace. Ongoing. 

  • Invited Lecturer, Qualitative Methods. Stanford School of Medicine, Fall 2017-2020. 

  • Teaching Assistant, Qualitative Methods. Stanford University (course evaluations)

  • Adjunct Professor, Introduction to Sociological Thought. Mills College. (syllabus; course evaluations)

  • Teaching Assistant, Urban Underclass. Stanford University (section syllabus; course evaluations.)

  • Coordinator/Facilitator, Black Consciousness Program. Bunche High School, Fall 2015.

  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to the Comparative Study of Race & Ethnicity. Stanford University (course evaluations). 

  • Teaching Assistant, Interpersonal Relations. Stanford University (course evaluations). 

  • Instructor, Intergroup Dialogue & Conflict Resolution. UCLA (syllabus).

"This course was my favorite so far. The class made theory so accessible and relevant. Dr. Hill facilitated an amazing and encouraging learning environment. I felt super comfortable sharing ideas and growing as a sociologist through theory. The mix of discussion/lecture/activities/student presentations worked really well and made class interesting." - Student in Intro to Sociological Thought



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