Jasmine Hill is a writer, educator, organizer and Ph.D candidate in Sociology at Stanford University. Her dissertation interrogates social mobility strategies available to African Americans beyond higher education. She earned her Master's in Sociology from Stanford in 2015.


With a heart for transformational community change, Jasmine's work is motivated by a desire for solutions and justice in low-income communities of color, and especially Black people in America. Her research and teaching interests focus around issues of inequality, race, class, work and family. She's taught courses at Stanford, UCLA, Mills College, and Bunche High School in West Oakland. Jasmine is also the co-editor of "Inequality in the 21st Century" with David B. Grusky (2017; Westfield Press).  


Jasmine works with activists, non-profits, schools and foundations as a research consultant, facilitator, and strategist on social change initiatives. She's collaborated on projects including the Alameda County Food Bank, El Camino Hospital, the Center for Elder's Independence, Blue Shield of California's Strong Field Project to End Domestic Violence, the Afrikan Black Coalition's West Oakland Community Projects, the Stanford Law School's Project ReMADE, and the Haas Center for Public Service's Cardinal Service campaign. 


Jasmine was born in Chicago and raised in the Oakland-Bay Area. She currently lives in Riverside, California, collecting data for her dissertation. In 2012, Jasmine was selected as one of twelve Public Affairs fellows by the Coro Center for Civic Leadership. She earned a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011 where she served as student body president. Jasmine is passionate about music & dance, food, bad television, and being the MVP in escape games. She is Jim & Cynthia's daughter, and definitively, Hazel's grandchild.