grad school support

Particularly for students on the margins (BIPOC, WOC, first-generation, low-income, trans-folks, students with disabilities, etc.), applying to and surviving a Ph.D. program can be daunting. As I learn how to navigate graduate school, I share some of my insights below. I welcome questions, particularly those unanswered here. 



1. Survival - I wrote this blog on staying sane in a Ph.D. program, best for years 1-3.

2. Year 1 support - I share a version of this email with new Black students each year before they begin the school year. Some information may be specific to Stanford, but other points may be useful or give you questions to ask others. 

3. Family - Isolation is one of the hardest parts of graduate school. It can be particularly difficult for first-gen students when our traditional support networks don't always understand what we're doing. I designed this workshop for my parents to explain my PhD progress and research, and I wish I had done so sooner. Needs to be adapted for your stage and research but sharing as a thought starter. 


4. Applications - Folks ask me a lot about their personal statements; this is a draft of my personal statement from years ago. Please don't plagiarize. 

5. Productivity - I host weekly virtual writing groups for women in the social sciences, in collaboration with SWS (flyer to the left). Contact me to join us. 



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