Course Playlists

Music is vitally important to my scholarship and in classes I teach, I often curate playlists that represent some element of the content. In most cases the songs are intentionally relevant to the topic or time period. These playlists are evolving, growing and absolutely are a reflection of my personal taste. All songs are property of the artists via TIDAL.   

The playlist "We've Been Here Before" is the beginning of a scholarly project on the history of popular culture and critical commentary. This work is a growing anthology of pre-1991 recordings that document Black people's concern and experience with police brutality. I choose pre-1991 to intentionally explore a time before the release of the Rodney King tapes and subsequent uprisings. This project was created to reinforce the work of other scholars and organizers who emphasize the ongoing and long-suffered nature of police violence in Black communities and honor victims of the carceral state around the world.