Current Research

As a researcher, I'm interested in the study and dismantling of racial inequality. Towards this goal, my recent work considers the relationship between Black workers and social mobility, labor markets, American ideology, and identity. Below, find a description of my current research agendas. 

Image by Alex Nemo Hanse


Misinformation & the Labor Market

What factors allow social mobility for Black workers? Which occupations foster access to the middle class?

What do institutional actors tell Black workers about opportunity? What challenges do Black workers face in the modern era?  

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Neoliberalism & Black Communities

How does racial inequality get legitimized? What prevents more resistance to the current inequality regime? What is the role of technology and other institutions in framing inequality to the public? Are Black communities impervious to neoliberal logic?  



Impacts of Class Transitions

Coming soon. 


Teaching Methodology

Coming soon. 

Image by Ed Robertson